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February 20, 2009

she’s down with flu… aihh…

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pssst!!! tell u wat. the author of this blog is currently down with flu since the last four days. yesterday was the worst. even the superior adviced her to take mc. but due to her kiasu-ness to be among the 1st customer to purchase the 20% dicount of Air Asia flight ticket, she rather came to the office and browse the whole day yesterday to search for the best deal for her budget holidays with the friends. cos the internet at home wasn’t as fast kia si that the connection decided to dc as it likes in the middle of her transaction. anyways, glad she did though cos today the price had hiked drastically.

so today she finally draged her arse to the panel clinic and waited forever for her turn. watever happened to patient no. 9 there?? hisk! and all she needed was something for the cough and the paper. and when it was finally her turn, it took merely less than 5 minutes for the doctor to diagnosed her. some viral infection he said. oh, watever. she got flu almost every month anyway. she likes to blame it on the weather. of course, they oso gave her many other diff type of meds. as if she ever finish them. iskh!! sometimes she didn’t even bother to take any of them. so now just let the author doze her day off into lala land with this one.

anyone wanna have a 'hang' of this? hehehe.... pls dont... i kid ok! :p

anyone wanna have a 'hang' of this? hehehe.... pls dont... i kid ok! :p

till then.

have a blessed day!


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